Amphibious Krock 2 robot and challenges in multimodal locomotion - Matthew Estrada
23 September 2020
Manno, Galleria 1, 2nd floor @11h30 Room 222
Salamander inspired platforms have been used to study robotic/biological locomotion in the Biorobotics Laboratory at EPFL for over a decade, drawing parallels between humanmade and natural systems to improve our understanding of both. Our most recent iteration, Krock 2, is targeted towards search and rescue applications within the NCCR Robotics program. Previously demonstrated in terrestrial applications, it is now being introduced into the water through the use of a dry suit and undulatory swimming gait.

Multimodal locomotion carries the inherent challenge that the morphology and actuation for one mode may not be useful, or even present a hindrance, for another. On the other hand, unique synergies between modes of locomotion can present themselves. Its sprawling-posture gait and capability to swim along the water's surface manage to avoid the persistent challenge of balance within legged locomotion. However, this comes with inherent challenges in the perception of the environment, which we are addressing in collaborations.

The speaker

Matthew Estrada is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Biorobotics Laboratory (, EPFL. He is currently leading the hardware development, control, and simulation of the amphibious Krock 2 robot under the Swiss NCCR Robotics program.


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