The future body - Hannah Drill
15 July 2020
Manno, Galleria 1, 2nd floor @12h00 Room 222
The form of a human body is a wide field to think about. To think about the form of my body. How do my body look like? How does it sound? How does it feel to have a body and to be one? Our bodies are made of many different materials which makes us flexible and lively. The form of our bodies is constantly changing and also now in times of digitality. What kind of new forms can be seen nowadays and how is physicality kept in mind in a world full of technics and robots? How does my connection to the body change or develop and how are terms like intimacy, vulnerability or empathy get a new perspective or are they been forgotten?
My body in interaction with the surroundings in a lab of robotics and AI. What can be found out of the human being living face to face with a technical world which we just started to discover. How can I rethink touch and inner feelings.


Hannah is a German actress, finished her acting school in Berlin in 2015. Between 2016 and 2018 she was acting in many different free theater projects in Berlin, for example in the performance called „Intime Fremde“ which is about identity, borders and intimacy. She also produced an audio book out of the lecture evening „Der Vogel“ written by Angela Rohr, in collaboration with the musician Holger Bey. In October 2019 she played her first solo show „Wüste 1-2“ at the festival „state of the art“ in Hildesheim. At the same time, Hannah began her master studies in acting/performing arts at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.