Philosophy and AI - an international meeting POSTPONED
30 September 2020
Auditorium USI
Due to the current situation this event will be postponed to September/October 20202

Recent striking success in Artificial Intelligence have made the public believe that in a not so far future machines could be even more intelligent than human beings.

The actual and possible developments of Artificial Intelligence open up a series of striking, deep and pressing questions such as:
– Can a computer ever think in the way a human being does?
– Can a computer have a mind and conscious experiences, such as thoughts, desires, and emotions?
– What is artificial intelligence? Is it the same as human intelligence? Are they even comparable or are they something essentially different?
– Can a machine be morally responsible for its actions? Can a machine be good or evil? What other moral considerations are related to AI?

With the goal of enhancing their scientific and educational collaborations around those important topics, the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA USI-SUPSI and the USI Master in Philosophy Program are organising in Lugano on May 29-30 2020 an international meeting on current trends and perspectives in the Philosophy of AI.